Reducing Freight Shipping Inefficiencies Through Technology
and Expertise

About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve transparency and reduce inefficiencies throughout the industry. We focus on making meaningful improvements in the e-commerce, pharmaceutical and cold chain management sectors through the use of digital cutting-edge technology and decades of expertise.

Our Vision

To put it simply, our vision is to become the leading voice and marketplace for anyone in need of cargo management solutions. We want to make excellent tools and processes available to companies of all sizes.

Our Story Goes
Something Like This…

Our story is simple, and it came into being from a casual conversation over beers,
as many great ideas surely have over the years.

We weren’t happy with the way the world of logistics was going. We noticed that there was a huge barrier to entry when it came to gaining access to time-saving technology, and we saw that a lot of businesses were bogged down in the fragmented, “old school” methods of moving cargo — because that’s “just how it has always been done.”

Rather than accepting that this was simply the way it had to be, we asked ourselves, “Why don’t we take advantage of our Silicon Valley contacts and try to create an affordable, more efficient path?”

Nettrux is the result of our dissatisfaction with the status quo, and we let that same passion for excellence drive us to provide innovative, accessible solutions.

We want every customer to feel satisfied and cared for. Here’s what our clients have to say about us.

  • Testimonials

    Nettrux is great to work with. Their customer service is excellent and getting paid was instantaneous.

    – Liza from DBACO

  • Testimonials

    We had some confusion at the terminal but Nettrux was available to get it all cleared up and I got loaded and was on the road. Thanks Josh!

    – Seema from Regal Transportation

  • Testimonials

    I got set up in 2 minutes and they were able to send me all my paperwork digitally. I was paid right after I sent back the POD. Quick and easy.

    – Patricia from Pismo Transportation